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When you have to send a number of notes to someone you surely need to make a pdf file. And in office work, it is almost a necessary practice on a daily basis. There are a large number of pdf maker software and applications available in the market these days.

Ilovepdf is rated at the top among them all. It is very easy-to-use and useful software which is specially designed to serve the small and medium business. It is a cloud-based software that is used to manage pdf documents and files.

You can compress or enlarge a pdf file’s size by using this handy software. Multiple files can be merged into a single pdf file by using this. Convert from and to pdf, splitting, adding watermark, download link management, and office to pdf conversion are some other top features.

Pdf Converter Software

This pdf converter software can be used on multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems which makes it possible to complete the work without any hurdle. It stands at the top of the list of easy-to-use pdf converter software. Due to its simple nature, it is the most liked one. To operate this handy software, you do not need to learn anything as you can use it without any major problem.

Ilovepdf offers three different plans to pick and all of them are very affordable. Two of them are totally free and you do not bother to pay a single penny to avail of this opportunity. Only one of them is paid with a large number of additional and useful features and benefits.

These three plans are different from each other on the basis of the number and size of documents you can use to do your business. The free plan is also very useful and helpful. But if you want to manage a large business, the premium one is suggested.

This plan is available at a low monthly subscription fee which is really affordable. The remaining two free plans include one registered and one unregistered plan. Register plan offers much more features as compared to the unregistered one.


This software is of a very simple and easy nature. To convert your documents into pdf, you just have to drag and drop your documents from your desktop or cloud. This software also offers to manage a large number of files without any hurdle. But this number is very much reliant on the plan you have chosen to work with. Since this software is cloud-based, you can easily convert to and from pdf without saving these files to your PC or device.

The feature that makes it different and unique from the other is its ability to compress or enlarge the size of a file without damaging its quality. You can easily enlarge your file’s size without damaging the original format and send it through email to anyone in no time.

The software also has an exciting feature that you can use to make a shareable link to your file. You can also manage the number of people who can download this file using the link and you can also put a time limit on it. 

The app also allows you to unlock any pdf file. Removing a password or security code of a pdf is very easy and simple in Ilovepdf. You can also add watermark, page numbers, headings, and can rotate the component of the file anytime. 

Since this software is cloud-based so it saves a lot of space on your device. You can easily get excess to your documents whenever you want. But this exciting feature also has a disadvantage as you need a fast internet connection to work on this app. This really looks like a bad thing but it is not a disadvantage as compared to the benefits of the app. 

How To Insert Text On An Image?

It is very easy to add text on any document in a pdf file. To do this task, just click Edit PDF Tool. Then select the file you want to edit or add text on from your Google Drive, Dropbox account, or device.

Then select the text button and add your text to the box given. Then drag the box to the right position. You can also manage font, color, size, and style of text using the main toolbar option. Select the Edit PDF button to confirm your edits. You can download this later or simply save this to your cloud.

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